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This is a website entirely dedicated to providing accurate, updated and relevant information and the latest news on the bank security scenario. We comprise subjects such as financial security, digital protection, payment platforms and security measures, data integrity and safety, standard bank protocols, card management and many other issues that are a part of a bank's daily errands. 


This blog will be useful for anyone dedicated to security and safety in the financial sphere as well as bank staff and managers who want to become more knowledgeable about these matters. Furthermore, any person or company can benefit from the reading of these articles, since bank security is an important concern for us all. Keeping our money and our personal information safe is a top priority, whatever the scale of our investments or accounts is. For that reason, this blog is for nearly everyone. Even if you aren't directly involved in bank security, you should check our articles at least once. You will find relevant information on how to keep your assets safe.


You will find the following topics covered


Payment security

Learn about the latest threats on the safety of your money transfers and payments as well as strategies and tools developed to ensure that your money gets to its destination fast and secured. Here you will find the latest news on security breaks and crisis that every now and then shake the world of finances, as well as new opportunities for international trade.

Online safety

Are your transactions and your personal data safe in the Internet, with all those hackers constantly trying to break your defenses? Find out about the latest news on digital security at the Giro Bank blog. The digital world is changing all the time, with new software, new apps and new threats popping up all the time. Stay informed with our blog and be the first one to know.

Bank events

Here you will read updated news about what the most important banks in the world are doing right now. Be it the bank of your choice or its competitors, you will never be left out of the sweet details and the relevant information about any of these events. New offerings and packages, security relevant measures, and uprising new banks with interesting options for you.

Security measures

Your bank will likely instruct you on how to protect your personal information and your identity, as well as how to keep your money safe. Giro Bank will complement this by educating you on basic - and not so basic - safety measures and prudent behaviour you should have when dealing with bank operations. 


We work every day to be the first ones to know what's going on and produce the best quality content for you to access, so we hope that you enjoy our blog. All our material is free of access, but if you want to contribute to our blog you can contact us and find out about all the ways to have to support our work!


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